Hunter Temporary Fencing

Mesh Fence Panels

The mesh panels used in our fencing system have been manufactured to give a panel with the same versatility as the chain wire panel with the added strength of a mesh panel. With the structural strength to support itself, it does not require additional bracing to support the fence (unless a cover is placed on the panel to increase the wind loads).

With a galvanised finish and fully welded frame, the system offers a total package for your site, giving a system that is user friendly to you and the general public.


  • Panel Size: 2.1 metres x 2.65 metres with 1.8 metre high mesh infill
  • Block Size: 600mm x 220mm x 150mm weighing approximately 36kg
  • Note: Special shapes and sizes can be supplied
  • Australian Patent No. 640807 applies

Security Compound Fencing

Our Security Compound Fencing is the ideal solution for locations that need extra seclusion and a higher level of security. Perfect for major events or gatherings to secure important equipment, or for remote construction sites to reduce unlawful activity causing business disruption, or for airports, government facilities, or works. Our Security Compounds are easy to erect and available with extension panels and barbed wire to restrict entry through or over the fencing.

Pedestrian Gates

These accessories include Pedestrian Gates for temporary fencing, which provide suitable designated access / egress points for any construction site.

Unlike a normal temporary fencing site gate which is usually a panel that is not secured into the block allowing a swinging panel, Our Pedestrian Gates are smaller and purpose built to work like a standard gate rather than mesh panels.

As they also look different from the usual mesh panel they make site directions easier for all site traffic.


  • Barbed Wire (1 row or 3)
  • Extensions (To an overall height of approximately 3 metres)
  • Shade Cloth (Extra bracing required)
  • Hessian (Extra bracing required)
  • Handrails (Fitted to every 2nd panel)
  • Dog Proofing to prevent entry / exit below panel (Fitted to every panel)
  • Pedestrian Gates
  • Vehicle Gates
  • 1/2 Panels
  • Safety Signs
  • Chains and Padlocks
  • Gate Latches